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More discounts coming soon. Watch out!

2022 UX design trends

2021 was definitely better than 2020 in terms of UX design trends. New and innovative websites and apps were designed, amazing software and tools for designers were released, creativity and productivity flowed seamlessly.

With most cities on lockdown and people sitting at home, 2021 was a great opportunity for most designers to get creative and innovative.  

UX design trends are continuously evolving as UX designers grow in their field with the right skills. UX design is a fascinating field which does not only involve designing but lots of creative thinking and this is why 2021 was a great year for creative UX design trends which also created a lot of buzz around UX design as it strives to maintain its position as part of top technology evolutions. 

The goal of UX design in 2022 is first, to handle new demands and also provide solutions to recurring problems while meeting user expectations and providing them with a great experience when they interact with products. 

Second is to ensure that businesses and companies across several industries have the right tools that are needed to keep up with the new developments which will satisfy their users (research shows that nearly 33% of bad user experiences result in users never returning to a brand).

Where will UX design trends take us in 2022? We are looking at going from the current new standards of personalized user experience to the doors of virtual reality. Technology is now an important aspect of today’s world and a significant tool which is penetrating all major industries. We went from connecting with one another using mobile phones, to using smart-home speakers and the help of virtual assistants to play music or even use electricity and the stove in our homes. 

Evolving technologies such as motion sensing, augmented reality and the web3 are taking over the internet rapidly. This is an entirely new interactive world and this means that UX designers have an opportunity of creating innovative interactions and UX design trends that formerly were never in existence.

In several ways, this UX design trends makes the industry a balancing act between creating new ways to engage new and existing product users, while listening and taking care of their needs in order to meet their dynamic expectations. As we continue in the wave of what’s currently shaping the UX design world in 2022, we can observe that these UX design trends are moving progressively in a pattern that goes beyond metrics—but rather in a way to hone in on the users and businesses. 

Let’s take a look at some of the 2022 UX design trends that will change the tech industry

Data visualization 

example of data visualization a ux trend on spotify's user bright and trendy  interface

Visualization of data will help to convey the right message to product users and in an engaging way. UX design teams design websites to make information easier for users and help navigation and task performance by removing the complexity of datasets.

In 2022, more businesses will invest more in processes that allow generation of data that can improve interaction with their products, which will also have a positive impact on users’ lives. While placing the value on users,  we will also see few emphasis placed on trendy aesthetics. 

Data visualization involves a process of presenting data in a visual context, arranging it in forms and compositions that can easily build a story for the user. Data visualization is going to become an invaluable and important part of user experience, since it is designed to improve users’ interaction with products and fosters a more trusting relationship between users and brands as most users are too stressed and tired to look through complicated data.

With the data visualization UX design trends, designers will easily keep product user’s attention as complex information is ignored because users are trying to save time and will most likely scroll through and skip the complex designs.

3D UX design trends

ux trend 3d images example of tool creating 3d spheres with marble designs

3D design trends are not new, as a matter of fact, it has been around for the last 4 years, and is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. For several years, 3D art and animations have continuously been featured in numerous UX design trends reviews from different media resources. What this means is that more and more UX designers are integrating 3D designs into websites and landing pages. The future of web designers lies in this particular design trend.

3D, even though not new, certainly deserves to be listed as one of the top trends and predictions for 2022 as it will now be less about the proliferation of the 3D effect, and more about the advancement of 3D design tools and software that make it a UX trend worth pointing out and seeing as realistic 3D elements and shapes combined with motion and movement are always striking when compared to regular animation.

Dark Mode

Dark mode is basically user interfaces with a predominantly dark color palette. 

If white backgrounds with lots of white spaces are part of the trends in 2021, a dark mode or dark theme is potentially going to dominate as one of the top UX design Trends in 2022. This isn’t new but it’s becoming more prominent and even a default in UX, seeing that product users and UX designers alike seem to prefer it over the light mode. 

One of the reasons for this preference is that the dark mode with contrasting colors  provides improved visibility for some visually impaired users. This is one of the important checklist items which are under accessibility audit for UX design. Even more, the dark mode also reduces power usage for mobile phones with OLED screens.

As it becomes more common in 2022, we are sure to see more apps, websites and products using dark themes. And more programs which enable users to switch easily between  dark and light modes. Just Velo by Wix that enables their users to switch  into dark mode without the use of any complex coding. 

ux design trend example of dark mode on a website desktop view

The Metaverse 

The Metaverse is a virtual reality world where several users are connected to each other through digital devices, and environment by wearing VR devices.

The shift towards virtual reality and augmented environment is a revolutionary phenomenon which intensified during the Covid lockdown and the creation of Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse.

UX design trends

Ultimately, the metaverse will play out better in 2022 UX design trends with the creation of more inclusive, immersive, customizable and unique alternative playgrounds.