More discounts coming soon. Watch out!

More discounts coming soon. Watch out!

Test your UX Design knowledge,
become a better designer, 🚀 and
land your dream job

SimplifiedUX puts you in the right spot to be connect with recruiters and hiring managers through our leaderboard — so you stand out of the crowd.

Elevate Your UX Design Skills ⤴️

Test your skills with our comprehensive UX design workbooks

SimplifiedUX offers a simple, yet powerful approach to UX design skill improvements featuring a range of workbooks in various aspects of UX design.

Identify your areas of strength and weakness through detailed results and build confidence in your abilities.

Just a few benefits ...and some more 🎊


Gain access to a range of resources and recommendations to help you become a better UX designer.


Showcase your skills and be ready to connect with recruiters, hiring managers, and organizations through our leaderboard.


Use our chat feature to connect with potential employers with opportunities to land your dream job.

We Get It—Bragging Rights Are Important 🎖️

Earn shareable badges and certificate that are available within your profile

Your completed profile is designed as a one-stop shop displaying your bio, past experiences, projects, badges, and certificate – at a glance.

Your profile, badges, and certificate can be shared with potential employers and on social media with a few clicks.

Enter The Spot-light ✨

Become a top scorer on our leaderboard by showcasing your UX design expertise

SimplifiedUX is designed with UX designers like you in mind. Through our leaderboard, you are in the spotlight—ready to connect with recruiters, hiring managers, and employers.

Impress potential employers by being a top scorer and standing out of the crowd.

Loved by UX and Product designers like you 🥰


Wow, really love the fact that it’ll help furnish my design skills more, and again it has a great design for the landing pages to the minimum.”


I love the platform. Took d test and I realized I had a lot I didn’t know. Felt inspired to do more. Would love to push this initiative.


I remember when I first tried this, got a score I did not expect 🥲and it helped me rethink my foundations. Overall it’s a really great app.


4.2 Average rating

Directly Communicate with Opportunities 💬

Chat with potential employers who have open opportunities for you

Our innovative chat feature creates a seamless connection between you and the opportunities that await you by giving employers the ability to communicate directly with you.

Stay put, shine, and let recruiters and hiring managers connect and chat with you.

Your One-Stop Solution for Career Success 🖥️

Land your dream job

Our goal is to help you land your dream job. We provide tools, resources, and guidance to navigate the complexities of the job market.

We equip you with skills and knowledge to stand out from the competition. Let us help you achieve your career goals.

Ready to land your dream job?

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