More discounts coming soon. Watch out!

More discounts coming soon. Watch out!


Our goal is to ensure you have the best experience within our platform. See what we are working on.

Coming Soon

In-app Messaging

Chat between recruiters and designers within our platform.

Connection Request

Recruiters can request to connect with designers and chat with them.

Jul 2023

Currency Selection

Select between USD and NGN when choosing subscription.

May 2023

Subscription Discount

Ability to use discount codes.

Partner Discount

Ability for get discounts through our partners.

Public User Profile

Individual profiles can be viewed publicly through leaderboard and shared link.

Public Leaderboard

View top scorers on SimplifiedUX.

SimplifiedUX v2

Public launch 🚀

Apr 2023

Internal Leaderboard

Ability to use discount codes.


Designers can now earn certificates when they answer all workbooks.


Designers can now earn badges for each workbook when they make 85% or higher.

Auto Recurring Payment

Account users can activate/deactivate auto recurring payment.

Login / Sign Up with Social Media

Individuals can login and sign up faster with Social Media or Google.

Mar 2023

Global Search

Ability to search any workbook from anywhere within SimplifiedUX.

Country Badge within User Profile

Easy country identification on profile image.

Enhanced user profile layout

User profile has become more comprehensive.

Feb 2023

Integrating Design System

Componentizing our elements and building for scale.

May 2022

SimplifiedUX v1

Beta launch 🚀


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