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What you get from Pro Plan membership

Access to all workbooks

You get access to 100+ questions in diverse categories that will help build your knowledge and confidence.

See results

You are able to see your results instantly as soon as you are done answering questions.

See questions you got wrong

That's right! Seeing questions you got wrong will assist you in the areas to focus on to improve your skills.

Public profile

Another awesome perk, you get to share your profile with recruiters, on social media, with colleagues, etc. to show off your earned badges.

Answers to wrong questions

What we love the most—being a Bloomer subscriber gives you the opportunity to see the answers to questions you did not get correct.


How cool is it that? You get recommendations on areas you need improvements which help you grow quickly.


A few workbook categories

Our workbook contains over 100+ relevant real-life questions and scenarios that test your knowledge in multiple aspects of UX design.

Design Thinking

Access to questions that test your ability to define problems, strategize and develop possible design solutions.

User Research

Our questions will test you on types of research, creating a product from the insights, etc.

Accessibility & Inclusion

Test your knowledge in building inclusive products and designing for a wide range of people.

Wire-framing & Prototyping

Explore the value of wire-frames, prototyping, presenting, and articulating your design decisions.

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