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Importance of UX design in business

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It is common for business owners to think that they don’t need UX designers and do not see the importance of UX design in business, especially since they have developers and already have a “template” for what they wish to create. But to a great extent, User Experience Design can be seen as hospitality. It’s like preparing the guest room and making it comfortable to the taste of the visitors you are expecting. UX design in business is essentially how your target audience will enjoy your product and how likely they are to return to get more of that experience.

Generally, we understand that customers are the king of every business and how you treat your customers determines how much and how long you’ll be in business. User experience is a simple principle that allows you to take proper care of these customers and make sure your product suits them and meets their needs and expectations, thereby increasing your customer acquisition and retention. To cut it short, User experience equals customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction equals increase in business revenue.

UX design in business

It is often surprising, for some illogical reason, that companies overlook the importance of UX design in business growth and development. This can sometimes be surprising since product users are, as a matter of fact, customers sitting behind a gadget screen. And it has been proven that when product users have a bad experience with a product, they can be unforgiving.

  • Up to 90% of users say they stopped using a product due to its poor performance.
  • Up to 86% of users say they delete or uninstall an app when they experience problems with its functionality or design.
  • Up to 88% of online web visitors are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience.

Although UX design should be the core foundation of every digital product, there are lots of business owners who do not think it’s worth investing their money into. These business owners will always argue the importance of UX in business and how they can do without it. Here are three types of business owners who are not eager to invest into UX design in business:

  • The Oblivious: This set of business owners has probably never talked to their product users and are unaware that their product has bad usability.
  • The Ignorant: This set of business owners do not accept that there is a need for UX design in business. They don’t see the value.
  • The Lost: These ones are actually aware of the benefits of good user experience but they struggle to understand and deliver it (they lack the knowledge, the strategy and the know-how)

UX Design in Business Value and Growth

A great UX design solution is one that aligns with the values and growth strategies of the company. The fundamental question to ask before creating a digital product is:  “What is the goal of this product, what does the company want to achieve with this?”

UX design in business talks a lot about being customer-centric and paying attention to user needs since of course, the goal of user experience design is to provide solutions to user problems and create products that users will love. But let’s be sincere – Multiple businesses do not just want to deliver great user experience simply for altruistic reasons. Businesses want to also benefit from these processes. Companies expect a return in their investments and would want business results. Therefore, at the end of the day, it all comes down to finding a balance between what is good for the users and most importantly, what is good for the company.

The satisfaction of users with the product and their increased loyalty with referrals should be reflected in the business revenue and conversions. It is important for UX designers to develop approaches that ensure a balance between user expectations and business growth.

An example is:

Bank of America when they initiated a user-centered approach and redesign of the bank’s registration process and this lead to increased registration up to 45%

Here are more way UX design impacts business growth

User Experience Increases Conversions

The internet is crowded, lots of visitors continuously searching through the web looking for one thing or the other, we have all been there – browsing the internet looking for a particular product or service and eventually come across one or two websites that address the problem and have what we are looking for.

Whilst all the other websites promote and display the same content and products which users seek, only one of them clearly stands out. The one that is easy to use and allows users to find what they are looking for quickly and seamlessly. When the overall experience is easy and enjoyable, users happily save the website for future reference and use.

The idea of UX design in business is to ensure that the website that gets picked is your website. Unfortunately, a lot of websites are continuously getting skipped over complicated designs that business owners think looks nice, and are driving customers away as they struggle to find what they are looking for on the website.

One important thing to have in mind is that humans are impatient, therefore, it is important to reduce the level of effort your users need to take while on your site and in turn maximize the amount of conversions on your product, whether on a website or app.

Conversions can be in different forms. They can be in the form of tasks that you want users to complete successfully when on your site. These are actions that support your business goals. It could be sharing a link, signing for a free trial, signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, creating an account, calling your number, etc. A poorly built UX design will create a poor experience and will prevent users from doing these things seamlessly. 

The role of UX design in business is to help users achieve these set goals. Expert UX designers will combine the knowledge of the user personas with research and logical skills, which gives them the superpower to discover how to strategize, design and implement the right processes to achieve the results and conversions you want for your business.

User Experience Increases Brand Loyalty

In other words, a great UX design in business will increase your user retention. Users know what they want and when they get what they want, they stick with it. 

User experience is vital in building trust in your brand, and establishing a lasting relationship with your target audience. Enjoyable and seamless interactions with your product promotes customer activation, which translates into brand recognition and loyalty.

Lead acquisition is only half of the battle. After they are acquired, how do you plan to keep them as long lasting customers? To make them continuously buy from you? This is where great UX design in business comes to play again. User experience design does not only attract new users but it helps keep and nurture them into recurring customers.

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If you are yet to introduce UX processes in your business and product development, you can hire some experienced UX designers to help you with your current project or hire a full time/in-house UX designer to join your team. Whichever step or path you choose, it will be a step in the right direction.

Ux design in business