More discounts coming soon. Watch out!

More discounts coming soon. Watch out!

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Perxels is a UIUX school with a mission of equipping designers with the core design skills and soft skills to become proficient in solving problems with design.

What Perxels offer

At Perxels, you will learn the principles of UI design, design full website screens, create standard low-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes, design systems: style guide, pattern library, create and maintain design systems, affinity mapping, etc.

This is together with soft skills like proper communication, portfolio design, mock job interviews, etc that would better prepare you for the job market. This is evident in the stories (testimonials) shared by members of our Alumni Community.



  • 1-1 Mentorship
  • Globally Recognised Certification
  • 100% Internship Placements 
  • Community of UIUX Designers


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