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5-Step guide on how to learn UX design

The greatest challenge in transitioning is knowing where to begin. Here’s a 5-step guide on how to learn UX design

Just about anyone can become a skilled UX designer and even become an expert at it – regardless of what your previous experience or career is. And amazingly, you don’t need a university degree to succeed as a UX designer. Once you are able to figure out how to learn UX design, you are right on your way to becoming a badass designer.

Anyone and at any age can transition into UX and be amazing at it. You can go from being a Nurse, a Lawyer, a banker, etc to being a UX designer and it’s not so much a difficult process.

The greatest challenge in transitioning is knowing where to begin. Here’s a 5-step guide on how to learn UX design:


1. Find your area of interest

UX design is a broad discipline. Under UX Design, there are the designers, the researchers, the writers, the usability testers, etc.

You need to first decide which area of UX designing best suits you, you can determine your strength through previous experiences you may have had or simply through the area you consider most suitable for you.

With a clear understanding of your role, you’ll be able to pinpoint the soft and hard skills you’ll need to be successful in your chosen UX area of interest.

2. Read and do your researches

Just like you are doing at the moment – researching the internet. You need to ask questions, check online, read articles and books.

The idea is to know what UX Design exactly is and to understand in detail what you are getting into.

If you had to describe it in detail off the top of your head, what would you describe it as?

It’s also very important to research the UX design job market. explore job platforms such as Indeed to see what kinds of UX job options are available for your area of interest and in your location of interest and the UX skills they require.

3. Get the education

The next step on how to learn UX design after you find your area of interest and carry out your research is to acquire all of the right skills and knowledge. The path you choose for this can vary significantly.

There are different ways on how to learn UX design, including taking classes at a university, taking online classes, applying for training programs,  or self-learning. You will be taught processes, tools, and approaches towards mastering the ultimate UX design skills and being a skilled UX designer.

From your research, you’ll know that UX design is about solving problems. There’s a specific process UX designers follow to go about finding creative, innovative solutions to design problems which are known as the design thinking process. Every designer works differently, but the design thinking process is what gives an idea of the overall process involved in UX design. it could be for website design, mobile app design, etc. Once you have mastered your skills and start working on your own projects, you can then develop your own strategies for doing things.

How to learn UX design

4. Get practical, Test your skills

Your next step is to put your new and improving knowledge to the test.  One of the many challenges of learning UX design is having a real platform to practice your skills and improve your knowledge.

As a learner or a beginner with no real job experience, It may be a challenge to know exactly how good your skills are and to know if you are ready to take on client projects and execute them correctly. It is important to test your skills in a live environment to know your errors and how to improve on them.

SimplifiedUX allows you to test and practice your skills in real-time, learn your strengths, your errors, set skills goals, and work on improvements where necessary.

5. Create your portfolio

Now that you have the practical experience and have tested your skills in real-time, it’s time to create a portfolio

As you play around with different tools and designs, save and collect the best ones for your portfolio.

A great portfolio is very important for job-seeking and showing off your UX design work. It’s what most clients or companies will use to inform their decisions on giving contracts and jobs, as it best demonstrates your design processes and problem-solving skills.

Diving into UX design may not always be easy, but if you commit to these steps above, and work especially on improving your skills by constantly practicing and testing them, you’ll be well on your way to a successful career as a UX designer.

In conclusion,

There are quite a number of approaches to learning UX design and there’s not really a single right or wrong way. Learning just the basics of UX design will only take you a little far, to improve, you will have to study, keep learning, test your skills, experiment with different tools and keep practicing as long as you are a UX designer.

In UX design work. it is assumed that you are building, and designing products and experiences for other people to use but once in a while, you are also designing for yourself. You want to register with some of these products and actually use them for your day to day activities.

Go ahead and test your UX skills here

How to learn UX design

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