More discounts coming soon. Watch out!

More discounts coming soon. Watch out!

SimplifiedUX Launches New Website (Version 2.0)

SimplifiedUX launches new website version 2.0
SimplifiedUX launches new website version 2.0

SimplifiedUX launches its newest website version, 2.0, making it the first significant upgrade since its launch.

SimplifiedUX launches new website version 2.0
SimplifiedUX launches new website version 2.0

Earlier this month, SimplifiedUX unveiled the highly anticipated 2.0 version of its website. If you have been with us on this journey, you would understand by now that SimplifiedUx is a platform built to help UX designers grow and develop by testing their knowledge, enhancing their skills and building their confidence.

With the new website version 2.0, SimplifiedUX aims to enhance user experience, improve functionality, and introduce exciting new features. In line with our plan to review the site biannually, this upgrade reflects our commitment to continuously evolve and provide an exceptional online platform for our users. This is why your feedback is very important to us.

This blog post gives an overview of the new features and improvements/upgrades that have been made on the site to make it even more effective and user-friendly and top on the list is:

Better Discoverability:

This was at the top of our list because what is better than finding what you need in seconds? The upgraded version, SimplifiedUX 2.0 lets you find content easier and faster without needing to scroll for ages. We highlighted essential details and steps, saving you the trouble of searching for them. Now you can access any necessary information quick and within seconds.

The website’s upgraded version features a clear and concise navigation bar that allows users to access different sections of the site with ease. The navigation bar is located at the top of the site, and it includes links to show our pricing, our partners, blog, Login bar and most importantly, where you can test your skills.

Animated flow

We added animated flow to the upgraded version to make your scrolling more fun and visually appealing. Animated flows are a form of visual cue that show you how to navigate a site, help you complete tasks quickly and easily, and ensure you enjoy navigating the site. Now you can have zero frustrations while navigating our site and take your skill tests quicker.

Optimized information hierarchy

Information hierarchy simply means the way information is organized and presented. We have optimized it with a clear layout that is seamless so users can find the content or information they need fast. Our messages and texts on the site now better describe the value we offer and our purpose as a company.

The skill test and blog sections of the site are now organized by topic so you can easily find tests or topics  relevant to your skills and needs.

Enhanced for accessibility

Simplified UX 2.0 has been upgraded to be accessible to visually impaired users. In this upgraded version, alternative texts are now added for images and non text content to enable users to understand what the visuals represent. Another enhanced accessibility feature is the high contrast mode that helps users easily read the content on the site.

Responsive for all device viewports

Accessing the web from mobile phones is on the rise and SimplifiedUX 2.0 has been optimized for web, mobile and tablet views. This means that the upgraded version looks great on mobile, tablet and web and is easy to navigate on all the aforementioned platforms. This way, users are sure to experience smooth interaction with content no matter the size of their screen.

Improved user experience overall

Our site’s upgraded version guarantees a more visually engaging, user friendly experience. Smooth scrolling has been optimized so you can find the content you need as fast as possible while enjoying every scroll on the way.

With the improvements made, SimplifiedUX 2.0 will have you experiencing such delight and ease while you navigate through our content. We can not wait for you to try this newer version and get to testing your skills in preparation for your next opportunity.


SimplifiedUX’s new and upgraded version features several enhancements that make it even more effective and user-friendly. The better discoverability, enhanced accessibility, responsive design, animated flow, and optimized information hierarchy all contribute to a better user experience. These improvements make it easier for users to find the information they need, navigate the site, and improve their UX design skills. Overall, SimplifiedUX’s website is a great resource for anyone interested in UX design, and the new improvements make it even better.