More discounts coming soon. Watch out!

More discounts coming soon. Watch out!

Testing your UX design knowledge

As a UX designer, testing your UX design knowledge is often very important as it allows you to make room for growth and improvements, you are able to set skill goals, know how much UX design skills you have acquired and how much you need to learn. 

For beginners, testing your UX design knowledge will let you have a clear knowledge of what skills you have acquired through your learnings and what UX career fields you are best suited for. A test of knowledge increases your confidence, you can dive into an industry with the certainty of what you are offering. 

For UX design professionals, testing your UX design knowledge will give you a certainty of what skills you possess and since learning never ends, you are able to find grey areas where your skills may require a little brush up. You can set skill goals and strategies on how to improve your skills and grow even further. You are good now right? Well, you can be better, while also aiming to be the best in your field. 

Testing your UX design knowledge

Here are some ways of testing your UX design knowledge:

Work on existing projects 

After you have either begun, in the process or completed your UX design learnings, you will need to test your skills. Things might seem easy while you are still in the learning process, but once you are in the real world, everything will become a bit different, therefore it is important to test what you know as you learn and even after you have completed your classes. 

A way of testing your UX design knowledge is by working on existing projects, this can be a popular existing app or website. You can try to create an exact duplicate of an existing work. This will let you know how good your skills are as you will need to go through the processes that the project’s designer had gone through. 

Testing your UX design knowledge

You can also work on personal concepts or fake projects. These will help you to build your portfolio and practice the skills you learned in your courses.

Offer your services at a reduced price

As a growing UX designer, it can sometimes be difficult to find great jobs. Even though you are great at what you do. 

One way to get by while also testing your UX design knowledge by offering your services at reduced prices. This lets you practice, grow, and test your skills while earning income. 

Freelancing is also a great way to do this as it also teaches you how to work with clients, manage multiple projects, and gain feedback on your work. 

Freelancing and offering your services at a reduced price can also lead to long term great job opportunities. There are a few good sites for freelancing opportunities such as Fiverr, Upwork, and others. 

Testing your UX design knowledge

All of these sites will allow you to exercise your skills, test and practice what you have learned in your online courses and also create opportunities for improvements. 

Testing your UX design knowledge using SimplifiedUX

SimplifiedUX is a platform created by professional UX designers for all UX designers. SimplifiedUX is a space where UX designers can improve and grow their skills by testing their UX design knowledge. 

The UX design skill test evaluates your skills in design thinking, wireframing, prototyping and testing, and other design skills and solutions. The platform evaluates the different elements used in your UX design, and how you use them. This might include the use of white space, colors, fonts, and even how you space out different elements. 

It also tests UX designers’ ability to hand in their designs to product developers in the appropriate format so they can pick up the technical work seamlessly.

The simplifiedUX is a product of chillingdesign which will help you set skill goals, meet other designers, and generally improve your UX design knowledge and skill.


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