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More discounts coming soon. Watch out!

Top 10 UX portfolio in 2022

A UX portfolio is very important for every UX designer at every skill level – beginner or expert.  If you are unsure of where you are at your UX design skill set, you can test your skills at SimplifiedUX

A UX portfolio is your opportunity as a designer to present your work at its best and provide in-depth case studies that expose your skills and processes while reflecting who you are.

You might be a fresh-faced UX designer looking to land your first gig, or have been in the industry for a long while and it’s time to rethink your personal brand. Whichever it is, you want to be seen and show your skills in the UX world and this means making sure you have a great UX portfolio to your name.

Most employers will almost always expect to see a UX design portfolio before making a design. They want to see what you can do and how good you are at doing what you do. This is why, as a designer, you need to take some time for introspection, harness your best website design and other design skills and create an impressionable portfolio website which showcases and hones  your work and skills.

The whole process involved in creating a UX portfolio, from translating your complex, thorough workflow into a visual format to proper arrangements can sometimes be a challenge, especially if your work revolves solely around UX. 

Whether you’re creating from scratch or simply updating and tweaking your existing portfolio, a freelancer or you are looking to land a full-time job. There are certain things about creating a UX portfolio that you need to be aware of.

Here are different examples and ways to tell your UX story:

UX portfolio

Sophie Brittain

UX designer Sophie Brittain has carefully created an inviting, spacious design on her UX portfolio. This is one of the top portfolios you will see, a well crafted design with visual of brightly colored building blocks which appears at the top of her homepage

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Sam Obi

Sam is a highly skilled UX designer who has worked with top brands like Dominos, Chase, Nature Tech, etc.  He is currently the CEO at Chilling Design – a website design brand and SimplifiedUX – a product that has been created to help UX designers at every skill level to test and improve their UX design skills.

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UX portfolio Website

Robin Nogiuer

Robin is a freelance designer from France who has one of the most incredible UX portfolios we have come across. Very engaging and well polished. 

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Austin Knight Portfolio

Austin Knight

Austin Knight works with Google as a product designer and continuously and openly shares his projects, thoughts and ideas. He also has a very interesting process description which shows his audience exactly what angle he takes in his projects.

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Run Wild

The Run Wild entire portfolio is whimsical and yet informative, with images of the designer’s projects which is allowing his artistic talent to show. A tagline is written in block white letters, and a CTA button is placed below which begins the user journey. 

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Buzz Usborne Portfolio Website

Buzz Usborne

Buzz is currently working as a Designer at Help Scout. He has previously led design at other companies like Atlassian, Skype and Campaign Monitor. Buzz Usborne instructs leadership teams on several ways to build sustainable and collaborative design practices — and also help organizations attract UX design talents to ensure the continued success of their teams. 

Buzz has also one time attended an AMA inside CSC Pro, where he extensively talked on how communication is critical in a remote team setting, demonstrating your value as a UX designer, among other things.

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Kyson Dana Portfolio

Kyson Dana

Kyson is a UX designer with one of the most awesome UX portfolios out there. He is an art director who has worked with several brands like Tesla, Adobe, Boosted Boards, etc. Kyson specializes mostly in story telling and it evidently shows in his case studies.

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Luke James Taylor

Luke James Taylor is currently a UX consultant and co-founder of Design Sprint X. His UX portfolio focuses mainly on the value he can bring to any organization and the results he has achieved in the past.

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Ed Chao

Ed is a designer at Dropbox. He does not include an about page here, but he links extensively to his social media accounts where he can show his personality. His portfolio has clean and digestible case studies, which tells his story.

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Aleksi Tappura

Aleksi is a  UI/UX designer who specializes in prototyping. His case studies are very easy to read with a clear and crisp typography. 

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Final Recommendation: 

As a UX designer trying to sharpen up your UX portfolio, you must have a knowledge of what your strengths are, your skill levels, where to improve, what to hone and what to leave in the background. 

SimplifiedUX is a product that will help you with that. It has been designed to show you what your strengths are, where you need improvements and what skills you need most in your career journey. This product is sure to boost your confidence and give you a clearer picture of what things you need in order to create that amazing portfolio. 


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