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8 Tools to Sharpen Your Design Skills

Sharpen your design skills

There are a few easy ways to sharpen your design skills and become excellent in your design skills.

Whether you are a graphic designer, an illustrator, or a product designer, these 8 tools will help you sharpen your design skills with ease.

To Sharpen your design skills is to sharpen your design knowledge.

To sharpen your design skills you should first sharpen your design knowledge. What makes you truly excellent is your knowledge on a topic or field. Not the tools you use, nor the experience you acquire.

It is quite possible to be a designer for years without having the knowledge of design because anyone can learn to push pixels and draw rectangles without the knowledge of design.

Tools to Sharpen Your Design Skills

1. Sharpen design

Most designers are familiar with this tool and if you’re not, it’s fine. Sharpen design is one tool you can use to sharpen your design skills. With every new design challenge generated, you improve your creativity and problem-solving skills.

2. Brain measure

You may want to access your design skills to see how you perform sometimes. Brain Measure lets you do that with their design tests that help you improve and sharpen your design knowledge for professional certifications.

3. SimplifiedUX

SimplifiedUX shares similarities with Brain Measure, but it is specifically tailored for designers of all levels. SimplifiedUX offers in-depth/targeted design skill tests to help you assess and improve your design knowledge and sharpen your skills.

4. Figma

A practical and hands on way to sharpen your design skills with projects. With Figma you can build reusable design systems, tackle wireframing, interaction design, and visual design with comprehensive tools.

5. Growth.design

We often recommend Growth.Design to designers who would like to learn design in a quick and efficient way from real-world examples. Growth design features case studies of successful product designs, showcasing the strategies and techniques used by top companies.

6. Spline

If you would like to create 3D websites, then sharpen your 3D design and animation skills with Spline. This tool ensures that every 3D design you make is accessible to everyone.

7. ProtoPie

With ProtoPie you can perfect your micro interactions (interaction design) and animation skills which will help you create more responsive UI and user flows. ProtoPie’s features allow you to sharpen your design skills in the areas of prototyping and user experience testing as well.

8. Rive

While primarily built for animation, Rive can be a valuable tool for your skillset. For designers into Game UI/ game development, you now can push directly into Unity without needing to make your assets in Unity. This saves you time spent building them within the engine.

Let’s Wrap it Up

While tools offer valuable assistance in sharpening design skills, true design excellence stems from a deep understanding of design principles.

Remember, being an excellent designer is a journey, not a destination. Keep learning, keep exploring various tools, and keep sharpening your design knowledge to shine truly.

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