More discounts coming soon. Watch out!

More discounts coming soon. Watch out!

Skill assessment Tests for UX designers: Everything you need to know

skill assessment test

Skill assessment tests have since been adopted by recruiters and companies as a way to evaluate the skills of preferred candidates. This article summarizes why skill assessment tests are important for UX designers, how to benefit from them, and how you can choose the right skill assessment test. What is skill assessment? Skill assessment testing […]

11 Popular UI/UX Roles You Will Come Across As A Designer

ui/ux role

If you have been living in a bubble thinking the only UI/UX design roles there are are product designer, UI/UX designer or UX designer, you have to think again. At the end of this article, you will learn the different UI/UX roles, the skills required, the roles they play, if they suit your personality then […]

Figma Latest Updates: The 4 Least talked about

figma latest update

Two months ago, Dev Mode was the most talked about Figma latest update. Rightly so because it has bridged the collaboration gap between designers and developers, however, there are still the least talked about updates that have eased the workflow for designers. Designers love Figma not just for their outstanding product but how they pay […]

Simplifying UX Hiring: 3 Steps To An Efficient UX Hiring Process

ux hiring

Lately, there is an increase in demand for UX talents. Hiring managers should understand the need to streamline the UX hiring process to not lose out on the best talents due to rigorous or unnecessarily prolonged recruitment stages. While the UX hiring process may differ among startups, general tech and big tech, a typical UX […]

Full-Stack Designers: What You Need To Know

full-stack designer

In the past week, social media has been flooded with hot takes on who a full-stack designer is and what full-stack design is about. I mean we only talk about full-stack when it has to do with developers and now there is a full stack in design? Every now and then, new design titles come […]

How UX Recruiters Can Hire The Best Talents For Their Team

ux recruiter

UX recruiters can hire the best talent for their team if they pay attention to certain details in the candidates profile as UX process and skills differ from UI process and skills. We will look at some of those details in this article, but first, let us take a look at key differences between UX […]

3 Things UX Recruiters Expect During An Interview

UX Recruiters

When it comes to landing a UX design job, understanding what UX recruiters expect during the interview process is crucial. To help you navigate this important stage, this comprehensive guide will address common concerns and questions, that provide insights into the three key things UX design recruiters expect from candidates. With this knowledge, you’ll increase […]

UX design vs. Graphic Design: Are They Any Different?

UX design vs. graphic design

UX design vs graphic design is a common comparison in the design industry. Before we go into all of that, keep this in mind: Graphic design is to branding and UX design is to users. You see, graphic design is focused on communicating a brand’s appeal while UX design is focused on creating optimal user […]

4 Proven Ways To Level Up Your UX Design Career In The Same Company

ux design career

As you seek to level up your UX design career, the first thought that may cross your mind may be to apply to other companies outside the one you currently work with. But have you considered leveling up your UX career with your current company, especially if you love the work culture and environment? Most […]