UX Design Projects for Beginners

As much as it is understandable when newbies in Tech want to gain as much knowledge as possible before trying their hands on projects, it is very advisable for you to not wait until you gain a hundred percent knowledge before you start building projects. Actually, no one gains a hundred percent knowledge in any […]

Top 10 UX Blogs to Follow

UX blogs

Over the years, the internet has boomed. This boom has made it so easy to get access to online resources and channels of information. Considering all these, it is safe to say that you are not alone as a UX Designer, as there are many online resources for you, including UX blogs.  Blogs are websites […]

What Is Design Psychology

Just like design psychology in UX, the knowledge and application of psychology are important in various fields. A person  with some knowledge of psychology– if he applies it well– can excel more in a field than a person without it.  With knowledge of psychology, one can know how to relate better with human beings. The […]

10 Tips for UX Design Beginners

UX design beginners

Every skilled professional in the UX industry started as UX design beginners. In the same vein, many people go into various Tech fields each day and grow from beginner level to experts and professionals. One of the reasons is that Tech is a very interesting industry, and alongside solving problems with it, you can also […]

11 Important Things to Know About Customer Experience Design

Customer Experience Design

In Technology, Customer Experience Design (CX) is needed to build strong bridges between brands and their customers. Customers are really important; that is why things like Customer Experience Design exist to make sure that the customers experience as much comfort as possible while interacting with your brand or technology. Many people may confuse User Experience […]

10 Importance of UX Mapping

UX mapping

The goal of any design is to meet the needs of the users. Any design that doesn’t meet the users’ needs is not a successful one. Tech, generally, is for problem-solving; this shows how important it is that before any skilled designer starts to work, they properly consider the needs of the product’s users and […]

Prototyping Tools for UX Design

the lack of proper prototyping tools

Prototyping is one process that skilled UX designers find important and useful. With prototypes, they have a clearer picture of what their final product should look like, they spot errors, and they effect the proper changes where necessary. However, the lack of proper prototyping tools can make it difficult for these designers to easily create […]

What Is Prototyping?

The aim of every brand that creates something should be to create the right products. Prototyping involves the process of creating tests of the actual products to properly design and produce something that the users will enjoy. Skilled UX designers use it a lot.  Prototyping is an experimental process that involves design teams firstly designing […]

Wireframing Tools for UX Design

UX mapping

Every UX designer, beginner or skilled, should be very efficient with using wireframing tools since wireframing is a daily part of a UX designer’s job. Wireframing is the foundation of any design they want to do.  In the same vein, UX designers need to have the right tools so as get the job done quicker, […]

What is Wireframing?


What Is a Wireframe? According to Usability.Gov, “a wireframe is a two-dimensional illustration of a page’s interface that specifically focuses on space allocation and prioritization of content, functionalities available, and intended behaviors”. You can think of wireframing as an architectural blueprint, as it helps to give a clear overview of the page structure, user flow, […]